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The Best Fit

A trip back in time was also a look forward to reinvention. Without realizing it, I had been living in a fashion time capsule for at least the past ten years. Since I had the ear of the exemplary queen of styling for a whole week, I asked if she would turn her eye... read more

What is the word for adult hangover?

Sitting around a beach bonfire last night with a group of twenty-somethings became a prism that refracted experience right back to this not-a-twenty-something. The casualness of upturned phones to capture an image for snap chat is familiar to me. Because my kids do it... read more

Road trip west before east

I live over 1800 miles away from Centerville, Ohio and she lives less than 100, but we are both a world away from the hub of our childhood. Yesterday, we found some interesting common ground during a short trek up a mountain in Phoenix at noon. There was a 180 degree... read more

Memory Lane

The trek home. Without meaning to, I created a physical trek home, a trek back in time, and a trek into my future for this month of July in 2016. My oldest friend, the first friend I can even remember, flies into Phoenix today so we can embark on a road trip. We... read more

Book Club Questions….

For Catch a Falling Star discussion! #SummerBeachRead LUVS book clubs! You asked, so here it is:  The Official Book Club Discussion Questions for Catch a Falling Star Leah Downing is available to speak at your book club. In the Phoenix or Sedona area, she will come in... read more

Selling myself short

I swore these blogs wouldn’t turn into my own personal journal about writing a book, but that flew out the window when I couldn’t think of anything clever to write about. Since I am a fiction writer, the notion of selling myself is a complex one.... read more

You know you have a friend when…

The last time I had a complete breakdown, it was ugly. Not in the sort of funny way that could translate to a sit com, but in the gross way that scares friends and family members. Fortunately that’s all behind me and now the “breakdowns” are fodder... read more

#catchafallingstaratCSA launch party

The reality that I will be a published author in less than a month is setting in…and I am stoked! To celebrate, Circus School of AZ (CSA) is hosting a Catch a Falling Star themed evening that will be both book signing and aerialist showcase. Everyone is... read more
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